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Viper Magazine Issue 7


Welcome to Viper’s seventh edition: the Barely Legal issue!

Within the theme of this issue, we chose to explore a variety of topics on the brink of legality. Follow us, as across these pages, we’ll be exploring the grey areas of the law that fascinate us the most, from the dark backstreets of Ghana’s sex trade to the hazy medicated world of the American prescription drug industry.

In addition to these serious topics, we delve into the fashionable world of Dutch clothing brand Patta, who recently opened a store in London’s former sex district, Soho. Looking at the global aspects of legality, we delve into the emerging hip hop scene in Dubai, a place where the majority of the average rapper’s hobbies are outlawed. We also look at the effect a prison sentence can have on a rising rapper’s career.

Many of the artists featured explore a variety of illegal activities within their music. Out of them all, it’s fair to say CASISDEAD does it with the most style. After all, he does have a bar about having “15 years in the fridge, sitting next to a cheese slice.” Robb Bank$ and Money Making Nique are equally strong contenders, with lyrics littered with weapons and drugs. All three feature alongside Nina Tech; a female whose name is slang for a gun, 67; a crew with lyrics that could inspire any budding trap star, plus countless musicians that aren’t yet legal to drink in the U.S.

We believe the best things in life are worth waiting for. So though this issue arrived a little later than expected, we’ve been spending the time working on PYREX STIRS, our new event. Keep an eye on pyrexstirs.com for information on live shows and late night parties taking place across London.

Released February 20th 2017.

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